‘Get Tressed With Us’ Podcast: Mindy Kaling’s Hairstylist Marc Mena Talks Crowns, Extension and Royal Wedding

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‘Get Tressed With Us’ Podcast: Mindy Kaling’s Hairstylist Marc Mena Talks Crowns, Extension and Royal Wedding

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This week, Gwen and Us Weekly deputy beauty and style director Beth Shapouri welcomed celeb hairstylist Marc Mena to talk about the 2018 Met Gala and the gorgeous look he created for Mindy Kaling (including that major crown moment) as well as the life-changing experience of extensions and naturally, to gab Royal Wedding.

Mena, who is known to Hollywood as the veritable king of extensions, worked with Kaling in the weeks prior to incorporate her handmade crown into her look, a vibe which he said channeled 1950s Princess Grace when paired with her silver gown. He explains that real crowns have heft so he was reaching back into his high school physics lesson book to ensure that the gorgeous headpiece wouldn’t move or fall while the actress moved, nor her head to be in serious pain. The result:  Mena worked to create a custom-made crown lined with hooks that allowed him to secure the topper to her head with “about a million bobby pins.” But, In Mena’s words, since it sat on top of her hair rather than her scalp she wore it like it was featherlight — and it made Kaling one of the statement makers of the evening.

Speaking of crowns, Mena also chats about who he secretly wanted to created a look for at the Royal Wedding (hint: it’s not Meghan Markle).

Also addressed: Mena talks about the life-changing experience that is hair extensions. Whether it’s for volume or for length, the hairstylist knows first hand the difference that adding extensions can make for a woman. “If your hair ain’t twerking, it ain’t workin’” he adds. And of course, he also talks about the reasons he favors Great-Lengths Hair Extensions (it’s heartwarming) and the rules of thumb every woman should know about getting them applied. For the whole enchilada, check out this week’s episode of ‘Get Tressed With Us!”

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